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SVC Survey Lok sabha Election 2014





Date : 08th May 2014




Sub : Survey Report on Parliamentary General Election 2014

Respected Sir,

We at SVC are professionally working to gather valuable and accurate information and analyzing it. We believe in “Innovation is Key to success”. At present, we are using these concepts and our expertise to enable the elected representatives in India to manage their constituencies in an organized manner and to help them allocate funds for high priority developmental works.

SVC has provided data collection services, that helps political parties/leaders to understand their potential influences in the constituency for over 3 years. Over this time, we have amassed the technical expertise and extensive market knowledge to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of quantitative and qualitative research services in desirable location.

Our sample sources come from actively managed panels and are constantly monitored by our dedicated panel management team.

We are committed to make a significant, lasting difference to our clients through information based decision making.

You may please find enclosed here with detailed survey report on Haryana Parliament General Election 2014, alongwith survey report on other important States on the India. We emphasized on providing best report with more accuracy and delivering best reports.

Haryana Loksabha Polls 2014 Exit Poll and Prediction

Exit Polls for Haryana in Lok sabha Elections 2014 Predictions information and details has been provided here. Haryana is another state which is ruled by the Indian National Congress (INC). It is also important state due to various reasons. Haryana has total ten lok sabha seats. There are so many lok sabha constituencies where urban voters will play vital role.

List of Lok sabha seats / constituencies in Haryana : Karnal, Kurukshetra, Rohtak, Sirsa, Sonipat. Ambala, Bhiwani-Mahendragarh, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Hisar.

Name of Party Projected seats -2014 (Winning) Name of Constituency projected for 2014 (Winning)
BJP 7 Karnal, Sonipat, Ambala, Bhiwani, Faridabad, Gurgaon & Kurukshetra
INC 1 Rohtak
INLD 2 Hisar & Sirsa
HJC 0 -
AAP 0 -

 Like many other states in India, here too the Narendra Modi wave seems to have swept the voters, as the Congress lags behind.

The chief minister of the state Bhupender Singh Hooda has found himself in the middle of many scams including land scams that also involve Robert Vadra, Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law. Caste based votes are crucial for the Congress, which is losing ground in the Jat heartland of Haryana.

SVC (Super Voter Choice) Reporters had reported that even though the BJP has tied up with Haryana Janhit Congress,  Sh. O.P. Chautala-led Indian National Lok Dal would have been a better ally for the saffron party.

INLD would still hold much of its voteshare, and also succeeded to win heart of citizen in Haryana.

Detailed Report on Hisar Constituency :

Uchana Kalan  = 50,000 to 55,000 Votes Lead by INLD (Sh. Dushyant Chautala)

Narnaund         = 37,000 to 40,000 Votes Lead by INLD (Sh. Dushyant Chautala)

Uklana             = 26,000 to 29,000 Votes Lead by INLD (Sh. Dushyant Chautala)

Hissar              = 30,000 to 33,000 Votes Lead by HJC (Sh. Kuldeep Bishnoi)

Adampur         = 15,000 Max. Votes Lead by HJC (Sh. Kuldeep Bishnoi)

Barwala           = 13,000 to 15,000 Votes Lead by HJC (Sh. Kuldeep Bishnoi)

Hansi               = 5,000 to 7,000 Votes Lead by HJC (Sh. Kuldeep Bishnoi)

Bawani Khera = 5,000 to 7,000 Votes Lead by HJC (Sh. Kuldeep Bishnoi)

Nalwa              = 7,000 to 9,000 Votes Lead by HJC (Sh. Kuldeep Bishnoi)

Outcome of this complete analysis is that Sh. Dushyant Chautala would win this constituency with min of 25,000 to 30,000 Votes from BJP alliance HJC candidate Sh. Kuldeep Bishnoi.

Survey Prediction on other State of  India 

Andhra Pradesh

  • In Telangana, it is a Big surprise that there is a Big undercurrent for BJP, possibly due to Narendra Modi factor, particularly in the half dozen seats of Greater Hyderabad region.
  • In Seemandhra too, BJP is likely to get decent support, but not enough to win seats, because many people said they prefer Modi as PM but voting BJP would be wastage as BJP won’t win, so they would vote TDP as it is likely to support BJP post elections.
  • Both TDP and BJP alliances seem synergic as it seems to help both the parties, although TDP would benefit more from the alliance
Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP 3 seats
INC 3 seats
TDP 15 seats
TRS 10 seats
YSRCP 10 seats
Other 1 seat


  • Despite communal riots, Congress is gaining
  • It appears that AIUDF and Congress combination would decimate the opposition

Seats Prediction

Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP 6 seats
INC 4 seats
Other 4 seat



  • It is seen during Survey in Bihar that there is strong wave of Modi in the state .
  • Munger & Nalanda are strong and wining constituency for JD(U).


Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP 22 seats
INC 1 seat
LJP 6 Seats
RJD 5 Seats
JD(U) 2 Seats
Other 4 Seats


Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP 10seats
INC 1 seat


Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP 6Seats
INC 0 Seat
AAP 1 Seats
  • May BJP would able to give clean sweep here in Delhi.


BJP = 23 seats clear win

Congress = 2 seats if could manage a fight with BJP in Rajasthan

Detail of tough fight seat and may Congress win is Dholpur- Kaurouli,  & Nagour

BJP may have clean sweep in Rajasthan.


BJP  = 25 seats clear win

Congress had a fight on 1 seats are Sabarkantha

So prediction after survey report on state Gujarat is BJP =25 seats & INC = 1 Seats

Himachal Pradesh

A state with 4 Parliamentary Constituency may again had gain center for BJP , Again this is been predicted that BJP may again can have clean sweep in this state, Where below is prediction for the state

BJP = 3 Seats ( Kangra; Hamirpur ; & Shimla)

Congress  =  1 Seat ( Mandi – Smt. Pratibha Singh)


  • Neighbor state Bihar’s Modi Wave would bee seen in Jharkhand too
  • The current JMM-INC government is also facing huge anti incumbency and except for a few pockets, people are disgusted with the UPA govt.
  • Lohardaga, Kodarma, Dumka & Jameshdpur are fighted seat in Jharkhand.
  • Otherwise all other seats are seems to be in pocket of BJP.
Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP 11 Seats
INC 0 Seat
Other 3 Seats


  • Karnataka has given biggest upset to us while conducting survey.
  • AAP factor is prevalent in patches and is undoing the Congress

Seats Prediction

Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP 16 Seats
INC 10 Seats
JD(S) 2Seats


Madhya Pradesh

  • According to survey conducted in Madhya Pradesh , there is Modi Wave to be seen.
  • Recently after assembly elections, Madhya Pradesh is going on the way like Gujarat it is now a fully saffron state.
  • Again this state may give sweep to BJP here
  • Here in the state wave of Narender Modi and wave of Pro Incumbency of Shivraj Singh Chauhan ensured to have maximum number of seats from the state.


Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP 26seats
INC 3 seat



  • Heavy anti incumbency prevalent against the Cong-NCP alliance govt.
  • NaMo wave is lifting up BJP in many areas, but Shiv Sena is affected by vote split from MNS
  • Although MNS is splitting votes of NDA alliance, it seems to do limited damage in Lok Sabha elections. There are many voters who said they would vote MNS in Assembly but NDA in Lok Sabha Polls due to Modi factor
  • Very much like MNS, the new party AAP also has effect in limited pockets of Mumbai and Pune.

Seats Prediction

Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP 22 seats
INC 2 seat
Shiv Sena 15 seats
MNS 1 Seat
NCP 5 Seats
Other 3 seats



  • AAP cutting anti Congress votes
  • Akali’s Facing Anti Incumbency in the State and may be not able attract voters as much as they want, may saffron would also have to face this.
Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP 2seats
SAD 4 Seats
INC 3 seat
AAP 4 Seats


Tamil Nadu

  • It is assumed that there are 3 fronts AIADMK + Left, DMK + DMDK + VCK, BJP + MDMK + PMK, Congress
  • A strong undercurrent in favour of Narendra Modi. The state is disgusted with Congress.
Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP+ 4 seats
INC 0 seat
AIADMK 35 Seats
DMK 0 Seat

Uttar Pradesh

  • A social churn is being witnessed among the backward class, including Yadavs who are found to shift towards BJP
  • Even the Yadavs in the hardcore loyal bases of Samajwadi Party namely Etawah, Kanpur etc are willing to vote BJP due to the Modi factor
  • AAP is present in limited pockets but completely destroying Congress and BSP in those areas
  • The sporadic Modi Wave seem to have intensified in the last 1 month


Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP 54seats
INC 4 seats
BSP 8 seats
SP 12  seats
Other 2 seats



  • Congress has lost credibility due to the  management of Uttarakhand calamity by the state government
  • Despite replacing the CM, Congress would be unable to change its fate as per our survey, BJP may be able to give clean sweep in this state.
Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP 4seats
INC 1 seat


West Bengal

  • Cadre strength is with TMC and it will consolidate its position compared to last time, despite dissolution of UPA in Bengal
  • BJP almost doubles its voteshare, so would win couple of seats in Bengal.
Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP 3 seats
AITC 36 seat
INC 2 Seat
Others 1 Seat


2 seats in this state would clearly on the name of  BJP with  North Goa by Shripad Yesso Naik & South Goa by Narender Keshav Sawaikar.

Jammu & Kashmir

  • JNKC-INC alliance a ruling party facing huge anti incumbency
  • Modi wave is suppose to be seen in Jammu region and BJP would definitely win this seat.
Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP 3seats
INC 0 seat
Other 3 Seats



Prominent Players : INC, CPI(M), BJP, IUML, RSP, KC(M)

Key Findings from Kerala

  • The only State in India, where conducting survey had found name of Congress on the mouth of people in the state.
  • Congress is alive with its supporters in Kerela.
  • Although BJP had also made its existence in the state and also tough fight on 2 seats Kasargod and Trivendrum.
  • In the state people only like to vote for either congress or CPI(M)

Below is prediction for the state as per constituency :

Name of Party Number of seats may win Name of Constituency
Indian National Congress 8 Vadakara, Wayanad, Kozhikode, Thrissur, Ernakulam, Mavelikkara; Trivendrum, Pathanamthitta
Indian Union Muslim League 2 Malappuram, Ponnami
CPI (M) 6 Kasargod; Kannur, Palakkad, Alathur, Attingal, Alappuzha
Kerala Congress 1 Kottayam
RSP 1 Kollam
Other 2 Chalakudy, Idukki



  • Many believe that Navin Patnaik wins elections after elections due to pro Incumbency but the actual reason is, he wins due to lack of better opposition and a very strong BJP cadre base in Orissa
  • Despite this, BJP seems to be losing the plot in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
  • As per our Polls, Congress is not gaining much votes, but BJP is eating into BJD votes, thereby helping Congress in a seat or 2 in the state
  • It is possible that BJD may end up winning less than the half of available seats in the Coastal state

Seats Prediction

Name of Party Prediction for Election 2014
BJP 3 seats
BJD 17 seat


Arunachal Pradesh

North East State of India Arunachal Pradesh with 2 Parliamentary Constituency , BJP may Win both seats here with Arunachal Pradesh East by Mr. Tapir Gao and Arunachal Pradesh West by Kiren Rijjuji. So 2 Seats comes here in the account of BJP.


Other North East State prediction is as below:

Tripura = 2 seats in this state would be in bag of CPI(M) according to survey conducted

Manipur = Indian National congress may win

Mizoram= Indian National Congress may win

Meghalaya = 1 seat by Indian National Congress and 1 by NPP

Nagaland = 1 seat would again be retained by NDF

Sikkim = 1 Seat would again retained by SDF


Union Territories – All

Chandigarh = BJP would win this Seat

Lakshadeep = INC would win this seat

Daman & Diu = BJP would win this seat

Dadra & Nagar Haweli = BJP would win this seat

Andaman & Nicobar = BJP would win this seat

Pondichery = AIADMK & BJP would have fight on this seat.

We would like to work for upcoming Assembly election in Haryana, Delhi , Bihar & Jharkhand. Since we had build up our strong team over these areas. Hope to get your support to serve in upcoming elections with our 100% efforts.

Special Note :  We work with singly Party single Candidate in each constituency and also help them to reach to the winning situation in that particular constituency.

List of Successful Candidates in Jharkhand Assembly Election in 2009

List of Successful Candidates in Jharkhand Assembly Election in 2009 

A. C. NO. Assembly Constituency Name Category Winner Candidates Name Sex Party Vote Runner-up Candidates Name sex Party vote
1 Rajmahal GEN Arun Mandal M BJP 51277 Md. Tajuddin M JMM 40874
2 Borio (ST) Lobin Hembram M JMM 37586 Tala Marandi M BJP 28546
3 Barhait (ST) Hemlal Murmu M JMM 40621 Vijay Hansdak M IND 20303
4 Litipara (ST) Simon Marandi M JMM 29875 Anil Murmu M INC 24478
5 Pakaur GEN Aquil Akhtar M JMM 62246 Alamgir Alam M INC 56570
6 Maheshpur (ST) Mistri Soren M JVM 50746 Devidhan Tudu M BJP 28772
7 Sikaripara (ST) Nalin Soren M JMM 30474 Paritosh Soren M JVM 29471
8 Nala GEN Satyanand Jha M BJP 38119 Rabindra Nath Mahato M JMM 34171
9 Jamtara GEN Bishnu Prasad Bhaiya M JMM 62795 Furkan Ansari M INC 49952
By Polls in 2009 Jamtara GEN Sibhu Soran M JMM 42668 Tarun Kumar Gupta M BJP 25036
10 Dumka (ST) Hemant Soren M JMM 35129 Lois Marandi F BJP 32460
11 Jama (ST) Sita Soren F JMM 38550 Manoj Kumar Singh M BJP 25844
12 Jarmundi GEN Harinarayan Ray M IND 33512 Devendra Kunwar M JMM 23025
13 Madhupur GEN Hussain Ansari M JMM 47880 Shiv Dutt Sharma M JVM 27412
14 Sarath GEN Sasank Shekhar Bhokta M JMM 40282 Uday Shankar Singh M INC 30862
15 Deoghar (SC) Suresh Paswan M RJD 49602 Baldeo Das M JVM 31862
16 Poreyahat GEN Pradip Yadav M JVM 67105 Suraj Mandal M JMM 30401
17 Godda GEN Sanjay Prasad Yadav M RJD 43502 Raghu Nandan Mandal M BJP 34747
18 Mahagama GEN Rajesh Ranjan M INC 43834 Ashok Kumar M BJP 35648
19 Kodarma GEN Annapurna Devi F RJD 46922 Ramesh Singh M JVM 29639
20 Barkatha GEN Amit Kumar Yadav M BJP 39485 Janki Pr Yadav M JVM 30117
21 Barhi GEN Umashankar Akela M BJP 60044 Manoj Yadav M INC 51959
22 Barkagaon GEN Yogendra Saw M INC 38683 Loknath Mahto M BJP 37319
23 Ramgarh GEN Chandra Prakash Choudhary M AJSUP 61947 Shahzada Anwar M INC 36472
24 Mandu GEN Teklal Mahto M JMM 37198 Kumar Mahesh Singh M INC 29220
By Polls in 2011 Mandu GEN J.P.B. Patel M JMM 52404 K.M. Singh M INC 28636
25 Hazaribagh GEN Saurabh Narain Singh M INC 66514 Deo Dayal M BJP 57227
26 Simaria (SC) Jai Prakash Singh Bhogta M JVM 34007 Ganesh Ganjhu M JMM 25982
27 Chatra (SC) Janardan Paswan M RJD 67441 Subedar Paswan M BJP 28886
28 Dhanwar GEN Nizamuddin Ansari M JVM 50392 Raj Kumar Yadav M CPI(ML)(L) 45419
29 Bagodar GEN Vinod Kumar Singh M CPI(ML)(L) 54436 Nagendra Mahto M JVM 47718
30 Jamua (SC) Chandrika Mahtha M JVM 42824 Satya Narayan Das M CPI(ML)(L) 24297
31 Gandey GEN Sarfraz Ahmad M INC 39625 Salkhan Soren M JMM 31170
32 Giridih GEN Nirbhay Kumar Shahabadi M JVM 28771 Munna Lal M IND 21669
33 Dumri GEN Jagarnath Mahto M JMM 33960 Damodar Prasad Mahto M JD(U) 20292
34 Gomia GEN Madhav Lal Singh M INC 31540 Yogendra Prasad M AJSUP 23237
35 Bermo GEN Rajendra Prasad Singh M INC 47744 Yogeshwar Mahto M BJP 41133
36 Bokaro GEN Samresh Singh M JVM 53757 Md. Izrail Ansari M INC 37452
37 Chandankiyari (SC) Umakant Rajak M AJSUP 36620 Amar Kumar Bauri M JVM 33103
38 Sindri GEN Phul Chand Mandal M JVM 40048 Anand Mahato M MCO 36288
39 Nirsa GEN Arup Chatterjee M MCO 68965 Ashok Kumar Mandal M BJP 33388
40 Dhanbad GEN Manan Mallick M INC 55641 Raj Kumar Sinha M BJP 54751
41 Jharia GEN Kunti Devi F BJP 49131 Suresh Singh M INC 46115
42 Tundi GEN Mathura Prasad Mahato M JMM 40787 Saba Ahmad M JVM 39869
43 Baghmara GEN Dulu Mahato M JVM 56026 Jaleshwar Mahato M JD(U) 36066
44 Baharagora GEN Bidyut Baran Mahato M JMM 59228 Dinesh Kumar Sarangi M BJP 42074
45 Ghatshila (ST) Ramdas Soren M JMM 38283 Pradeep Kumar Balmuchu M INC 37091
46 Potka (ST) Menaka Sardar F BJP 44095 Subodh Singh Sardar M INC 28385
47 Jugsalai (SC) Ram Chandra Sahis M AJSUP 42810 Rakhi Roy F BJP 39328
48 Jamshedpur East GEN Raghubar Das M BJP 56165 Abhay Singh M JVM 33202
49 Jamshedpur West GEN Banna Gupta M INC 55638 Saryu Roy M BJP 52341
50 Ichagarh GEN Arvind Kumar Singh M JVM 45465 Bishwa Ranjan Mahato M AJSUP 27829
51 Saraikela (ST) Champai Soren M JMM 57156 Laxhman Tudu M BJP 53910
52 Chaibasa (ST) Deepak Birua M JMM 30274 Bagun Sumbrui M INC 22726
53 Majhgaon (ST) Barkuwar Gagrai M BJP 34534 Niral Purty M JMM 24644
54 Jaganathpur (ST) Geeta Kora F JBSP 37145 Sonaram Birua M BJP 11405
55 Manoharpur (ST) Guru Charan Nayak M BJP 27360 Navami Oraon F JMM 21090
56 Chakradharpur (ST) Laxman Giluwa M BJP 26984 Sukhram Oraon M JMM 26694
57 Kharsawan (ST) Mangal Singh Soy M BJP 52661 Basko Besra M INC 25442
By Polls in 2011 Kharsawan (ST) Arjun Munda M BJP 61801 Dashrath Gagrai M J V (P) 44355
58 Tamar (ST) Gopal Krishna Patar M JD(U) 30678 Vikas Kumar Munda M AJSUP 29207
By Polls in 2011 Tamar (ST) G.K. Patra M JP 34127 Shibu Soren M JMM 25154
59 Torpa (ST) Paulus Surin M JMM 34551 Koche Munda M BJP 18752
60 Khunti (ST) Nilkanth Singh Munda M BJP 32067 Masi Charan Munda M JMM 31631
61 Silli GEN Sudesh Kumar Mahto M AJSUP 45673 Amit Kumar M JVM 37966
62 Khijri (ST) Sawna Lakra M INC 41172 Ram Kumar Pahan M BJP 38394
63 Ranchi GEN Chandreshwar Prasad Singh M BJP 66161 Pradeep Tulsyan M INC 39050
64 Hatia GEN Gopal S.N.Shahdeo M INC 39921 Ram Ji Lal Sharda M BJP 39896
By Polls in 2012 Hatia GEN N. Jaiswal M AJSUP 41566 A.N. Shahdeo M JVM(P) 29682
65 Kanke (SC) Ramchandra Baitha M BJP 45245 Suresh Baitha M INC 40674
66 Mandar (ST) Bandhu Tirkey M JHJAM 58924 Deo Kumar Dhan M INC 28953
67 Sisai (ST) Geeta Shree Oraon F INC 39260 Samir Oraon M BJP 24319
68 Gumla (ST) Kamlesh Oraon M BJP 39555 Bhushan Tirkey M JMM 27468
69 Bishunpur (ST) Chamra Linda M RAKAP 44461 Shiv Kumar Bhagat M INC 27751
70 Simdega (ST) Vimla Pradhan F BJP 38476 Neil Tirkey M INC 37363
71 Kolebira (ST) Anosh Ekka M JKP 28834 Mahendra Bhagat M BJP 21332
72 Lohardaga (ST) Kamal Kishor Bhagat M AJSUP 35816 Sukhdeo Bhagat M INC 35210
73 Manika (ST) Harikrishna Singh M BJP 18645 Rameshwar Oraon M INC 16876
74 Latehar (SC) Baidyanath Ram M BJP 34522 Prakash Ram M RJD 34084
75 Panki GEN Bidesh Singh M IND 38458 Madhu Singh M JD(U) 18240
76 Daltonganj GEN Krishna Nand Tripathi M INC 43571 Dileep Singh Namdhari M BJP 39338
77 Bishrampur GEN Chandrashekhar Dubey M INC 25609 Ramchandra Chandravanshi M RJD 17257
78 Chhatarpur (SC) Sudha Choudhary F JD(U) 25854 Manoj Kumar M JMM 16108
79 Hussainabad GEN Sanjay Kumar Singh Yadav M RJD 26735 Kushwaha Shiv Pujan Mehta M BSP 23172
80 Garhwa GEN Satyendra Nath Tiwari M JVM 50474 Girinath Singh M RJD 40412
81 Bhawanathpur GEN Anant Pratap Deo M INC 54690 Bhanu Pratap Shahi M NSAM 32522


List of Successful Candidates in Haryana Assembly Election in 2009

List of Successful Candidates in Haryana Assembly Election in 2009

A.C No. Assembly Constituency Name Type of A.C. Winner Candidates Name Sex Party Votes Runner-UP Sex Party Votes
1 Kalka GEN Pardeep Chaudhary M INLD 41625 Satvinder Singh Rana M INC 20438
2 Panchkula GEN Devender Kumar Bansal M INC 29192 Yograj Singh M INLD 16932
3 Naraingarh GEN Ram Kishan M INC 37298 Ram Singh M INLD 28978
4 Ambala Cantt. GEN Anil Vij M BJP 49219 Nirmal Singh M INC 42881
5 Ambala City GEN Venod Sharma M INC 69435 Bibi Charanjeet Kaur Mallour F SAD 33885
6 Mullana (SC) Rajbir Singh Barara M INLD 47185 Phool Chand Mullana M INC 44248
7 Sadhaura (SC) Rajpal M INC 47263 Balwant Singh M INLD 38650
8 Jagadhri GEN Akram Khan M BSP 39868 Subhash Chand M INC 35540
9 Yamunanagar GEN Dilbagh Singh M INLD 46984 Devinder Chawla M INC 33411
10 Radaur GEN Dr.Bishan Lal Saini M INLD 29593 Suresh Kumar M INC 25198
11 Ladwa GEN Sher Singh Barshami M INLD 32505 Kailasho Saini M INC 30000
12 Shahabad (SC) Anil Dhantori M INC 30843 Jitender Kumar M INLD 27102
13 Thanesar GEN Ashok Kumararora M INLD 29516 Ramesh Gupta M INC 21231
14 Pehowa GEN Harmohinder Singh M INC 35429 Jaswinder Singh M INLD 31349
15 Guhla (SC) Phool Singh M INLD 37016 Dillu Ram M INC 31763
16 Kalayat GEN Rampal Majra M INLD 55614 Tejender Pal Singh M INC 46214
17 Kaithal GEN Randeep Singh Surjewala M INC 59889 Kailash Bhagat M INLD 37387
18 Pundri GEN Sultan M IND 38929 Dinesh Kaushik M INC 34878
19 Nilokheri (SC) Mamu Ram M INLD 47001 Meena Rani F INC 30278
20 Indri GEN Ashok Kashyap M INLD 36886 Bhim Sain Mehta M INC 27789
21 Karnal GEN Sumita Singh F INC 35894 Jai Parkash M HJCBL 32163
22 Gharaunda GEN Narender Sangwan M INLD 35256 Varinder Singh Rathore M INC 33596
23 Assandh GEN Pt. Zile Ram Chochra M HJCBL 20266 Raghbir Singh Virk M IND 16726
24 Panipat Rural GEN Om Prakash Jain M IND 23770 Bimla Kadian M INLD 17134
25 Panipat City GEN Balbir Paul Sahah M INC 36294 Sanjay Bhatia M BJP 24135
26 Israna (SC) Krishan Lal Panwar M INLD 43905 Balbir M IND 41725
27 Samalkha GEN Dharm Singh M HJCBL 39463 Sanjay Chhoker M INC 26012
28 Ganaur GEN Kuldeep Sharma M INC 42180 Krishan GopalTyagi M INLD 32144
29 Rai GEN Jaitirath M INC 35514 Inderjit M INLD 30848
30 Kharkhauda (SC) Jaiveer M INC 43684 Raju M INLD 18400
31 Sonipat GEN Kavita Jain F BJP 37954 Anil KumarThakkar M INC 35297
32 Gohana GEN Jagbir Singh Malik M INC 35249 Atul Malik M INLD 22233
33 Baroda GEN Sri Krishan M INC 56225 Kapoor Singh Narwal M INLD 30882
34 Julana GEN Parminder Singh Dhull M INLD 45576 Sher Singh M INC 32765
35 Safidon GEN Kali Ram Patwari M INLD 38618 Bachan Singh Arya M IND 23182
36 Jind GEN Dr. Hari Chand Middha M INLD 34057 Dr. Hari Chand Middha M INLD 26195
37 Uchana Kalan GEN Om Parkash Chautala M INLD 62669 Birender Singh M INC 62048
38 Narwana (SC) Pirthi Singh M INLD 63703 Ramphal M INC 43063
39 Tohana GEN Paramvir Singh M INC 46752 Nishan Singh M INLD 42900
40 Fatehabad GEN Prahlad Singh Gillan Khera M IND 48637 Dura Ram M INC 45835
41 Ratia (SC) Gian Chand M INLD 50095 Jarnail Singh M INC 46713
Bye Poll Ratia (SC) Jarnail Singh M INC 65071 Sarfi Devi F INLD 52368
42 Kalanwali (SC) Charanjeet Singh M SAD 59064 Dr. Sushil Kumar Indora M INC 46520
43 Dabwali GEN Ajay Singh Chautala M INLD 64868 Dr. K.V. Singh M INC 52760
44 Rania GEN Krishan Lal M INLD 48241 Ranjit Singh M INC 44590
45 Sirsa GEN Gopal Kanda M IND 38147 Padam Chand M INLD 31678
46 Ellenabad GEN Om Parkash Chautala M INLD 64567 Bharat Singh Beniwal M INC 48144
Bye Poll Ellenabad GEN Abhay Singh Chautala M INLD 64813 Bharat Singh Beniwal M INC 58586
47 Adampur GEN Kuldeep Bishnoi M HJCBL 48224 Jai Prakash M INC 42209
Bye Poll Adampur GEN Renuka Bishnoi M HJCBL 50276 Kulvir Singh Beniwal M INC 27607
48 Uklana (SC) Naresh Selwal M INC 45973 Seema Devi M INLD 42235
49 Narnaund GEN Saroj F INLD 48322 Ram Kumar M INC 38225
50 Hansi GEN Vinod Bhayana M HJCBL 36529 Prof. Chattar Pal Singh M INC 30246
51 Barwala GEN Ram Niwas Ghorela M INC 29998 Sheela Bhayan F INLD 20602
52 Hisar GEN Savitri Jindal F INC 32866 Gautam Sardana F IND 18138
53 Nalwa GEN Sampat Singh M INC 38138 Jasma Devi F HJCBL 27237
54 Loharu GEN Dharam Pal M INLD 30887 Jai Parkash Dalal M IND 30264
55 Badhra GEN Raghbir Singh M INLD 34280 Ranbir Singh Mahendra M INC 33571
56 Dadri GEN Satpal M HJCBL 27790 Rajdeep M INLD 27645
57 Bhiwani GEN Ghansyam Saraf M BJP 27337 Dr. Shiv Shanker Bhardwaj M INC 24692
58 Tosham GEN Kiran Choudhary F INC 62290 Col. Gajraj Singh M INLD 16183
59 Bawani Khera (SC) Ram Kishan Fouji M INC 35039 Azad Singh M INLD 28766
60 Meham GEN Anand Singh M INC 43964 Shamsher M IND 36998
61 Garhi Sampla-Kiloi GEN Bhupinder Singh M INC 89849 Satish Kumar M INLD 17749
62 Rohtak GEN Bharat Bhushan Batra M INC 47051 Manish Grover M BJP 27456
63 Kalanaur (SC) Shakuntla F INC 52142 Naga Ram M INLD 24282
64 Bahadurgarh GEN Rajinder Singh Joon M INC 38641 Nafe Singh Rathi M INLD 19289
65 Badli GEN Naresh Kumar M INC 33186 Brijender Singh Chahar M IND 19828
66 Jhajjar (SC) Geeta F INC 48806 Kanta Devi F INLD 21023
67 Beri GEN Dr. Raghubir Singh M INC 37742 Chatar Singh M IND 32566
68 Ateli GEN Anita Yadav F INC 24103 SantoshYadav F BJP 23130
69 Mahendragarh GEN Dan Singh M INC 42286 Ram Bilash Sharma M BJP 36833
70 Narnaul GEN Narender Singh M HJCBL 25011 Bhana Ram M INLD 21619
71 Nangal Chaudhary GEN Bahadur Singh M INLD 32984 Radhey Shyam M INC 21321
72 Bawal (SC) Rameshwar Dayal M INLD 58473 Shakuntla Bhagwaria M INC 36472
73 Kosli GEN Yaduvender Singh M INC 47896 JagdishYadav M IND 44473
74 Rewari GEN Ajay Singh M INC 48557 Satish M IND 35269
75 Pataudi (SC) Ganga Ram M INLD 49323 Bhupinder M INC 24576
76 Badshahpur GEN Dharam Pal M INC 50557 Rakesh M IND 39172
77 Gurgaon GEN Sukhbeer M IND 41013 Dharambir M INC 38873
78 Sohna GEN Dharambir M INC 20443 Zakir Hussain M BSP 19938
79 Nuh GEN Aftabahmed M INC 33925 Sanjay M BJP 17021
80 Ferozepur Jhirka GEN Naseemahmed M INLD 42824 Er.Mamman Khan M INC 24630
81 Punahana GEN Mohammed Ilyas M INLD 18865 Dayawati F BSP 16177
82 Hathin GEN Jaleb Khan M IND 33774 Harsh Kumar M INC 27301
83 Hodal (SC) Jagdish Nayar M INLD 46515 Uday Bhan M INC 43894
84 Palwal GEN Subhash Choudhary M INLD 51712 Karan Singh Dalal M INC 45040
85 Prithla GEN Raghubir Singh M INC 34647 Tek Chand Sharma M BSP 31492
86 Faridabad Nit GEN Pt. Shiv Charan Lal Sharma M IND 23461 Akagar Chand Chaudhry M INC 15586
87 Badkhal GEN Mahender Partap Singh M INC 33150 SeemaTrikha F BJP 20471
88 Ballabhgarh GEN Sharda Rathore F INC 35535 SurenderTewatia M BJP 11691
89 Faridabad GEN Anand Kaushik M INC 33744 Parvesh Mehta M BJP 22903
90 Tigaon GEN Krishan Pal M BJP 39746 Lalit Nagar M INC 38928


Haryana assembly election 2014

Super survey on Haryana assembly election 2014

Since now politics in Haryana is on full home with all the parties to present them self best in front of votes. BJP a major party now in a politics of India after general election 2014, Indian government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had his charismatic way of speech to attract people. We all know that people of all states have supported Prime Minister Narendra Modi for change, prosperity removing corruption and for making India peaceful country as after punches of inflation terrorism corruption development major issues in front of citizen of India.

On Our Path for discussion of point Haryana assembly election 2014 in this  assembly if we watch polling percentage gained by parties in parliamentary election 2014 b as BJP = 34.7%,  Congress = 23% , INLD =24.4%

And other 17.9% very interesting to watch that BJP with vote share of 34.7% won 7 Seat in Haryana where as congress as second in vote percent share with 23% only won 1 seat and third stood in vote percentage of INLD with 24.4% won 2 seats so analysis done deeply again in this assembly election 2014 in Haryana would convert into non-believable results at end.

Chief Minister of Haryana Sh.Bhupender Singh Hooda with full faith of chief of party is contesting this election on going theme of PM Mr. Modi with full advertisement and coverage of media. He himself is now busy with Meetings of Party members and strengthing the position of Congress. Mr. Hooda and Congress Leaders are now trying to convince Voter by telling development story of Haryana with Slogan of No. 1 Haryana and also daily making some announcements of development work for each constituency. Where as in past election seems to be seen that Muslim voter was full on making his one side voting to Congress, After seeing Loksabha Chunav it makes analysis little difficult to judge Muslim Voter to whom they would like to Vote. Where as in Haryana Jaat and non Jaat politics would be seen. Muslim voter is decision making on few seats in Mewat only.

Where as a good news till Mr. Arvind Kejriwal does make another change statement to his decision of not contesting election in Haryana for Aam Adami Party. This time with spending capacity Mr. Gopal Kanda is in field to contest election in Haryana form all the 90 Constituencies. This would again make interesting story to see that will he be able make any impact on Voters of Haryana.

Super Voter Choice is keeping eye and deep Survey reports would be given to all of you on Assembly election in Haryana. Super Voter Choice is also ready for forth Coming Assembly Election in Jharkhand too. Keep in touch with us to like this page and appreciation to boost our moral, hope to get your support in this regard.

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